Healing Tools

     Another way to protect           yourself and stay healthy

My original Copper Healing Tool

Jewelry can Heal

Make sure you have your own pathogen, virus fighting Copper Tool. 

Being a Silversmith/Metalsmith & Herbalist I have decided to make jewelry tools that are nice looking, healthy for you & easy to keep up with. There are several different designs to choose from in the Products section.

Our immune system fights off all sorts of problems.  We need to help it along with all the tools possible.  1.  Take you vitamins & minerals.  2.  Washing hands.  3.  Have Collodial Silver (Silver Surge) on hand to spray as needed.  Better than alcohol, no taste & can be sprayed into nasal cavity & mouth. (see products).  4. Own your own virus fighting Copper Tool. (see products)


 100% Pure & Natural Herbal Tinctures & Body Care Made in the Blue Ridge Mountains