Classes will be held at "Serenity At Sunset" on Main St in Pickens SC 


  NWW Extracts are of a higher nature.  They are made with organically grown, and carefully wildcrafted herbs.  They are not fumigated, irradiated, sulfured or sprayed with toxic substances, as are most imported herbs and many domestically grown herbs.  They are grown, dried and stored properly and milled in small batches.

  NWW herbs are then combined with an alcohol or vinegar menstruum.  Alcohol is a potent, effective menstruum that extracts the alkaloids and the volative oils.  It also serves as an excellent preservative, maintaining the integrity of the herb for many years.  Alcohol was actually first made and used to extract the potency of herbs for medicines, not as a drink.  NWW Extracts (or tinctures) are then turned gently by hand with good energy of healing instilled in each bottle.

The Extracts can be used in a variety of ways.  They can be used straight or mixed with a little juice or water.  Internal and External.  The alcohol will partly evaporate if put into hot water.  Drops can also be added to a bath or footbath.

 100% Pure & Natural Herbal Tinctures & Body Care Made in the Blue Ridge Mountains